About Us

Always Professional

Security has been our primary business since 2000 as the first licensed person and property security agency on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

We see ourselves as a stable company that offers security to its customers through professional action and maximum commitment to finding the right security solutions.

Агенција која делува на целата територија на Република Македонија со повеќе од 400 вработени кои го прават Вашето секојдневие побезбедно.

Why OSA? Our Core Values

Our core value is the consistency high quality service delivery, making us recognizable as business leaders in the industry.


Facing the challenges of a changing and insecure day-to-day life, our company took on the mission of BUILDING CONFIDENCE as a mission, not fear!


Our vision through our company policies for our current and future clients to remain the best company they have worked with, to provide our employees with appropriate care for their well-being by offering opportunities for their continuous improvement and personal improvement in a stable work environment, constantly striving for advancing and perfecting all areas of our business and society where we operate, while achieving robust and stable growth and development of our company.


Our main goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering professional and quality services from the highest levels of private security while creating a peaceful and harmonious everyday life for the free living and operation of our clients and the wider community. Customer access is primarily based on trust and a sense of security, with particular attention to protecting the privacy, discretion and confidentiality of our business, always loyal to our customers.


We build a professional and partnership relationship with our clients based on mutual trust.


Consistency in applying world-renowned tactics and methods in finding appropriate security solutions is our daily routine.


We challenge ourselves to improve our performance year after year, creating long-term sustainability.


We have the most professional staff, look after their careers and offer opportunities for continuous improvement and advancement.

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