OSA Private Security Agency offers professional physical security services from professionally trained physical security officers who work to high standards and operating rules.

The OSA Private Security Agency guarantees the safety of our clients and citizens throughout the country on a daily basis. Our physical security team is made up of over 500 professionally trained physical security officers.

In the area of ​​physical security, the Private Security Agency “OSA” offers the following types of physical security services:

• Securing and Protecting banks and financial institutions
• Securing and Protecting  commercial facilities (Securing sports, cultural and other types of events and public events)
• Securing and Protecting health facilities
• Securing and Protecting industrial and manufacturing facilities
• Accompanying individuals within the provided facilities
• Personal (bodyguard) security
• VIP protection: providing a driver class and a high class official vehicle
• Protection during transit or stay of tourists or public figures in the country
• Combined services according to the needs of the Client