Owners and tenants of office complexes are increasingly using indoor and outdoor monitoring systems and this equipment is becoming an indispensable aspect of providing staff and visitors.

Security cameras are very good at deterring people from doing things that are not allowed, such as entering a building without authorization, causing damage to buildings or property. Most video surveillance systems now record high resolution and can provide evidence that is admissible in court. Tapes can also be used to educate about the impact and risk of life that can cause certain behaviors.

Despite its benefits, security cameras can be seen as an invasion of privacy, especially in an office environment, where it can also be used to monitor work performance presence. It is therefore important to ensure that the advantages and rationale for installing the security system are communicated to those who are intended to protect them. This includes strict guidelines for using and storing all the data that is affected.

What do we offer?

Video monitoring along with our included patrol units is the primary activity of the OSA services. In this service we have incorporated a state-of-the-art technology and a trained professional team that monitors and monitors the cameras in your facility for 24 hours. OSA owns a state-of-the-art video monitoring center equipped with cutting-edge technology in the monitoring industry.

Our technical security system is set up in a facility that is monitored by a high quality video surveillance system featuring key cameras to protect such as: entrances, warehouses, offices, valuables, warehouses etc. The camera-mounted system at key locations communicates with a fast internet connection and is available to the client when needed. Our Monitoring Center is available 24 hours a day and active 365 days a year