Security systems and video surveillance of catering establishments can help prevent many of the losses most commonly associated with restaurant work. No matter what type of bar or restaurant you are dealing with, losses from theft, vandalism, and even fraudulent lawsuits can have an adverse effect on your business and spend a lot of money from your cashier. Our restaurant security systems are designed with your business in mind to help you provide eyes and ears for your business anytime of the day or night, and video evidence that can help you not only make a better team decision , but also to make better business decisions based on the data collected.

Our technical security system is set up in a facility that is monitored by a high quality video surveillance system that features cameras positioned at key positions to be protected such as: entrances, warehouses, offices, valuables. The camera-mounted system at key locations communicates with a fast internet connection and is available to the client when needed. Our Monitoring Center is available 24 hours a day and active 365 days a year

If faced with an unauthorized entrance to the monitored facility, our monitoring officers immediately alert the nearest patrol in order to head to the place where the unauthorized entry occurred. Our monitoring officers in certain situations are obliged to immediately inform the police, fire, ambulance. Our monitoring system is also made up of an acoustic alarm which is immediately activated upon unauthorized entry.